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Buckeye Leadership Fellows Program


This is a creative space updated occassionally with program news as well as short reflection posts by the Fellows. Posts will reflect on current activities and events happening in the Buckeye Leadership Fellows Program. 

  • Letter to a Mentor - Tommy Bowles

    05/29/20 by Beth Johnson

    Dear Senator John Glenn,

    I will never be able to thank you enough for all that you have done for my family and me. But I hope I have made you proud. Back in 2016, I was selected as the first-ever recipient of the John and Annie Glenn scholarship for incoming Public Affairs students at Ohio State. I remember meeting you and your family at a Glenn College board meeting in Page Hall to accept the scholarship. Your daughter Lyn gave me a tour of your office in the building and had me sit in your chair from the United States Senate. She told me that could be me someday. Nothing has ever inspired me more in my life than meeting my childhood hero and his family. In the moment, I knew my life was forever changed, but never could I imagine the true impact the Glenn family would have on my life.

  • Letter to a Mentor - Sanjana Chidambaram

    05/29/20 by Beth Johnson

    The second semester of my junior year was a turbulent one. I must have gotten rejected about ten times from both dream internships and dream jobs, was hopping in and out of organizations, and was constantly on-edge. Around this time – I think the beginning of April – I asked Beth – yes, THE BLF Beth – if we could chat about an incident that occurred that left me furious and disappointed by a man in one of my business classes.

  • Letter to a Mentor - Sam Weiss

    05/29/20 by Beth Johnson

    Dear Mom and Dad,

    Since I was little, you’ve told me to reach for the stars. But, reaching for the stars can be hard when you have broken arms. I had dreams of becoming an astronaut, a racecar driver, a doctor, and more. Not once did you ever doubt that my ability to succeed.

  • Letter to a Mentor - Alex Clark

    05/29/20 by Beth Johnson

    Dear Theresa,

    Who would’ve ever thought that you and I would cross paths? It was by chance that we met four years ago. You, telling your story and me, having my concept of the world shattered. Since, you have not only been a role model and a collaborator, but my inspiration for the work that we do together.

  • Letter to a Mentor - Jimmy Overmeyer

    05/29/20 by Beth Johnson

    Dear Mom and Dad,

    I can’t believe I’m graduating from college. It feels like it was only yesterday that you dropped me off at Taylor tower. These 4 years have flown by, and you have been there every step of the way.

  • Letter to a Mentor - Madolyn Desch

    05/28/20 by Beth Johnson

    Dear Dave,

    As soon as I met you as a probationary member of Ohio Staters Inc., I knew the impact you had on theorganization was monumental. Three years later, I can say you have left just as much of an impact on me. These are the reasons why you make Ohio State and Staters a home: