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Buckeye Leadership Fellows Program


This is a creative space updated occassionally with program news as well as short reflection posts by the Fellows. Posts will reflect on current activities and events happening in the Buckeye Leadership Fellows Program. 

  • Fellow Spotlight- Rohan Makhijani

    08/31/18 by Laura Perch

    Rohan Makhijani, member of BLF Class of ’20, spent this summer testing out his passion for the practice of medicine and research in a hands-on setting on the grounds of The Ohio State University campus.

  • SAS Leadership Challenge

    04/20/18 by Laura Perch

    The Class of ’19 Buckeye Leadership Fellows cohort ended this semester with their final leadership challenge. 

  • Fellow Spotlight- Juan Tramontin

    04/4/18 by Staff

    Juan Tramontin, member of BLF ’20 majoring in Logistics Management and minoring in Engineering and Italian is taking his passion for sustainability to the next level. 

  • Fellow Spotlight- Olivia Adkins

    03/19/18 by Staff

    Olivia Adkins, member of BLF ’19 majoring in Public Management, Leadership and Policy, is spending this semester immersing herself in a culture that is a long way from the Ohio State University campus- in Prague!

  • Smart Columbus Challenge: “Drive Less, or Drive Electric”

    12/7/17 by Staff

    The Buckeye Leadership Fellows ’18 partnered with Smart Columbus in a “Drive less, drive electric” challenge to answer the question: What behavioral changes must occur to support new technologies and transit options and what are the most effective and timely strategies for influencing these behaviors?

  • Fellow Spotlight- Clara Davison

    12/5/17 by Staff

    The first Classical Music Rave in North America occurred at Trism last week, and the event was put on by BLF Class of 19’s very own Clara Davison and her student organization, CELLOHIO. The rave, known as ‘Party Arty’, was DJed by Mr. Van Walsh who traveled all the way from Amsterdam. It also consisted of performances by CELLOHIO, Sweet Tooth and Xioma. Mr. Van Walsh takes classical music and transforms it in arty settings, allowing for a relaxed structure in comparison to a traditional classical music concert. The rave projects classical music infused with dance music and EDM for all to enjoy. Mr. Van Walsh has been arranging raves internationally since 2013 in locations including Australia, Brazil, Belgium and Turkey with audiences of up to 1,500.