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This is a creative space updated occassionally with program news as well as short reflection posts by the Fellows. Posts will reflect on current activities and events happening in the Buckeye Leadership Fellows Program. 

  • Finding Hope Amongst the Chaos - Nikhil Desai

    11/23/20 by Staff

    COVID-19 has impacted me in many ways. Initially, like most Americans, I did not understand the severity of the virus and downplayed the potential impact it would have. As transmission rates and cases began to increase, I realized that the virus was much more serious than I had imagined. As time passed, my frustration grew; politicians were not listening to expert scientists that have dedicated their lives to understanding and handling national health crises. Instead of empowering experts, we decided to turn this pandemic into a political matter, and unfortunately, Americans have paid the price. In addition to incompetent leadership, our country has failed frontline workers who risk their lives every day as servants to their community. We sent doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals into high-risk situations without providing them with the necessary PPE and safety equipment to stay safe and do their job effectively; this is like sending front line soldiers into battle without guns and ammunition. Unfortunately, fatality is inevitable.

  • Finding Hope Amongst the Chaos - Noor Alshafie

    11/16/20 by Staff

    What are your personal reactions/feelings towards the current political climate and how has it impacted you?

    A myriad of emotions spring to mind when I reflect upon the political climate I have been shaped by over my past twenty-one years of life, but especially the tumultuous past four years I have experienced since the 2016 election. My sense of self-importance is not inflated to the point of believing that my opinion is the sole correct answer. I do not write with the intent of providing a viable solution to the state of the world or simply because I care about democracy. The country is failing, and I am set to graduate in May into a world of complete disarray. This is personal for me, as it should be for everyone in our nation, regardless of their place in life at the moment.

  • Finding Hope Amongst the Chaos - Kate Gomez

    11/9/20 by Staff

    What is your reaction to COVID-19 and how has it personally impacted you and/or your plans?

    I think it’s fair to say that, like the rest of the world, I am hurting because of COVID-19 and its effects. I left my Spring Break trip to close my sorority house for summer break while it was snowing, and I headed home. Over the next four months, I slowly lost hope for a normal return to school in August. Before the COVID-19 pandemic began, I did not think I would get a chance to live under one roof with my four younger siblings, parents and dog again. I was able to find light in those moments. I was able to spend quality time with my family and was able to take a step back and appreciate the smaller things in life that are easy to miss in the chaos of daily life. Family dinner is something that always helps me reset and re-ground myself. This has been a staple in my large family for my entire life and since going to college, I have grown to miss this quality time with my parents and siblings.

  • Finding Hope Amongst the Chaos - Jayson Velazquez

    11/2/20 by Staff

    What are your personal reactions/feelings on the continuous incidents of racial injustice in the country; how has it impacted you?

    To make a long answer short, it is sickening. Racial injustice is embedded in every aspect of our lives from city planning and environmental hazards, to education, financial mobility, and beyond. It is so engrained in life that believing racial justice is an issue people can ‘agree to disagree’ on is beyond harmful.

    As someone who identifies as a non-Black queer Latinx man, I have a responsibility to personally unlearn any conscious or unconscious biases I may have and use that information to educate my respective communities. In the Latinx community, it is important to understand how issues of racial injustice are perpetuated by non-Black Latinx folk and to hold those individuals accountable. My engagement with activism and advocacy work is personal as I take to the streets to protect and demand the rights of my family, my friends, and my classmates.

  • Finding Hope Amongst the Chaos - Connor Rash

    10/22/20 by Staff

    What is your reaction to COVID-19 and how has it personally impacted you and/or your plans?

    My reaction to COVID is one of weariness and caution. I understand the loss of life from a preventable virus as I have had and seen such loss occur within and outside of my own family. It is saddening that it took this long to realize the facts behind the virus that has affected so many in different ways. It is also worrisome that the US has been touted as a healthcare superpower and yet the daily cases rate is not closer to other developed countries such as Germany, Italy, or even the United Kingdom. Regarding my plans for post-grad, I have been fortunate that my internship this summer was able to be moved virtually and that materialized into a full-time job but understand and recognize that has not been the trend for many across OSU’s campus and the world. As I am graduating early, it has certainly impacted my plans from graduation until my full-time start date but I would like to make the most of this situation by adapting plans to fit within the safety guidelines that already exist.

  • Finding Hope Amongst the Chaos - Lauryn DeLuca

    10/14/20 by Staff

    What is your reaction to COVID-19 and how has it personally impacted you and/or your plans?

    Like many, COVID- 19 flipped my life 180 degrees. Within hours of President Drake’s announcement I had packed up my 2nd year dorm and said goodbye to a job I have held for the last 2 years. On top of that, I never had the chance to say goodbye to the students I was working with at a nearby elementary school. We were supposed to go to LegoLand in two weeks for a field trip.