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The Buckeye Leadership Fellows Program partners with campus and community leaders, university alumni and program supporters that will enhance the leadership lessons and principles developed over time within our community. BLF provides these recommendations to the university community to continue to build growth and development on your leadership journey!


This month’s recommendation is provided by BLF '26, Gabie Gilmore. Below are some thoughts she shared about the book she chose, Remarkably Bright Creatures by Shelby Van Pelt. 

"This book was such an interesting analysis on aging, the grief process, and family wrapped up in such a nice package. I originally picked up the book because my aunt, who never reads adult books as a 5th grade science teacher, recommended it. I loved how the story was told through the lens of the last steps of the grief process, acceptance. It's one of the main steps that seems unreachable due to the pain surrounded in the other 4 steps. For a topic so bleak, this book was such an exciting read, and I preferred the audiobook version." Amazon

Another Fellow recommended The Brothers Karamazov, by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, saying "This book truly was the most impactful piece of literature that I have ever read. While exploring the depths of human immorality and pure evil-- the author finds a way to weave in deeply profound meditations and commentaries on Christianity, the problem of evil, and living with love for each and every human--no matter how flawed. The contemptible father in this story is a character that is detestable in every way--yet the reader must contemplate if his subsequent murder by one of his sons is a morally acceptable crime (not a spoiler btw). This book contains something for everyone; from criminal justice to deep fraternal love--I cannot recommend a book more than I recommend this one." Amazon