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Senior Capstone Projects - Fall 2015

December 22, 2015 by Austin Stewart

Congratulations to our Senior Cohort for completing challenge work on a wide range of entrepreneurial-themed capstone projects!

Below is a brief description of the work each Fellow conducted:

Andy KwokKwok Shots

  • My project is to address the concern that the lack of jello shots at parties for students, although they enjoy and believe that taking jello shots would enhance their time at parties and at college in general. My main goal is to help students safely create memorable experiences for students by providing a creative and fun way to consume alcohol. My market is lacking competition although there is such a high, but unsaid demand for jello shots. My company, in theory, would work like a bakery company. I would have regular jello shot flavors that are ready to pick up but my business will be run more on specific orders. The ordering, producing, and marketing strategies are all head up by myselff. 

Sky DominguezBrain Buddies

  • The Brain Buddies Program matches upperclassmen (3rd year or 4th years with at least two years in the neuroscience program) with underclassmen (years 1 or 2 within the neuroscience program). These matches were based on: future career goals, personal interest, and overall effort put into the application (extended answers, detailed, quality of writing). Through this program, Buddies will be able to create relationships through extended communication (over the course of one year) and structured events. This mentorship within the program will allow students to reflect on possible paths they may take within the major and learn from another’s experience at the Ohio State University.

Nick Lennon and Valerie RasicciValydik Kidney Transplant

  • Valydik uniquely addresses the needs of kidney patients by making kidney transplant a viable option, even if their would-be donor is incompatible. There is an obvious need for kidney transplant, with over 100,000 people being on the transplant list. With our database we will provide another option to the patients who think they do not have a chance. We provide hope in desperate times by offering a new view on kidney transplant. We also will provide education to doctors, transplant coordinators and patients about our product that will then bridge the gap of knowledge that was once a problem, and even a reason, as to why the Paired Kidney Exchange was not being utilized to it’s best ability.

Ainsley Camp, Caroline Milliken, and Julia SchienmanRural Schools Professional Development

  • Our mission is to provide students with tools, assessments, and learning activities that expand their understanding of themselves and their communities, as well as prepare them for life after high school. Our vision is that all rural students will have the confidence, knowledge, and preparation to pursue their career goals after high school graduation. We uniquely address the need for a rural high school personal and professional development curriculum because we are using a grassroots approach to affecting change. Our team is dedicated to this cause because of our own backgrounds and we understand the need to bring all parties into the conversation: students, parents, and administration.

Nima DahirUndergraduate Student - Faculty Engagement

  • This project is rooted in the connectivity between faculty and students on The Ohio State University’s campus. the goal is to facilitate a way for undergraduate students to effectively engage with faculty research across the University. Utilizing the networks of the STEAM Factory, I will create an online platform where faculty can share their research in a non-technical manner. Although the primary purpose is to spark intellectual curiosity amongst undergraduate students, it will also provide an impetus for interdisciplinary research amongst faculty.

Garrett PattersonPPE Major Curriculum Creation

  • Pursuing Philosophy, Politics, and Economics as a designed course of study allows students to consider questions such as how one should act and what sort of policies and institutions are best for a society in a focused manner. Students who are interested in PPE might find certain classes, such as Moral Philosophy and other upper-division classes, unavailable to them without the appropriate prerequisite course work. The PPE major is designed to equip students with the opportunity to take some of these more challenging and specialized courses with its core courses and both required and recommended prerequisites to the major. Students can also easily double-major with one of the three disciplines should they want to focus on one in depth.

Dajzsa McDanielDevelop Health Management Minor

  • My capstone project is to develop a university minor focusing in Health Management. My key goal for this project is to identify sponsors within the discipline who will support the development of the minor. I also strive to identify courses that can be included within the Health Management minor. Lastly, I hope to build a strong case that will be suitable to be introduced to the Arts and Sciences Curriculum and Assessment team.

Austin LaueRockford, IL Police Department

  • With the help of SGT. John Pozzi and Assistant Deputy Chief Mike Dalke of the Rockford Police Department, my assigned project is to help the Department appropriate funds by shortening a cumbersome application process that will bring a Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA) worker into the city to help address the Prisoner’s Reentry Program.  VISTA workers serve in America’s poorest areas and help to foster dynamic community programs to help individuals escape poverty.  In this case, the Rockford City Police Department wishes to bring a VISTA worker, sponsored by the Department of Justice, to help former prisoners assimilate to their community.

Churchill NdownieBazaar TCM

  • Bazaar TCM, Inc., is a company devoted to facilitating the convenient exchange of quality items among college students in The Ohio State University campus area. The company began when the founder, Churchill Ndonwie, purchased furniture on the informal Ohio State University “Free and For Sale” Facebook group, and experienced difficulty searching for the items and getting them delivered. Bazaar hopes to become a coordinating platform for students to save money and reduce waste.

Alex Radtke and Jay JacksonHappy Hangover

Dominique Gale-McCleanBlack Hair Care

Brandon SinramSinram and Ford Moving Company