Office of Student Life

Buckeye Leadership Fellows Program

Roma Patel

Hometown: Washington Court House, OH

Major(s): Neuroscience

OSU Involvement: BuckeyeTHON; OSU PenPals

Favorite Quote: “Stay Humble, Hustle Hard." ~ Unknown

With her love for children, science, service, and personal development, Roma strives to apply the skills gained from her time at Ohio State to pursue an MD program to serve. The personal narratives, views, and experiences of others, inspire her to have the want to help those in need, whilst raising awareness for important issues related to the accessibility of health-care and the importance of having it. Through the stories of others, her involvement with BuckeyeThon by helping collect funds with those children with pediatric cancer, and the support from her family, friends, and religion, each day, she is curious to learn something new that enhances her own perspective on the world and gets her closer to achieving her goals.

A dream of Roma’s is to publish a work, that creatively crafts the theoretical, scientific field of medicine, in an artistic way to encapsulate her interests in healthcare and those experiences down the road. Roma aspires to inspire those around her, hoping that through her zestful, ebullient persona, she can bring some sunshine to those who need it the most. Outside of school, Roma enjoys exploring the most random places, eating lots of ice-cream, singing loudly to her favorite songs, capturing memories through photography, and sharing all of life's precious moments with the people she loves.