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Buckeye Leadership Fellows Program

Buckeye Connections

The Office of Student Life's Buckeye Leadership Fellows Program and Student Activities has partnered to offer an experience centered in belonging, relationships and building a Buckeye Network. 

Students will be offered the opportunity to learn techniques and tips to engage with personal and professional connections to build a dynamic network. The program will include development sessions and panels, opportunities for coffee dates, faculty and staff outreach and participation in a virtual networking session with university alumni, community leaders and faculty and staff. Space is available for students who are looking for ways to build their skills and get connected. Development sessions are offered every Thursday from 5:15pm-6:15pm in preparation for experiential networking challenges. Building Your Buckeye Network will run from Thursday, February 18th - Thursday, March 25th. 

If you are interested in participating, please register HERE

If you have questions about accessiblity or wish to request accommodations please contact Beth Johnson at with the Buckeye Leadership Fellows Program. Typically, two weeks notice will allow us to provide seamless access.

The following is a tentative calendar of meetings and experiences available during the program. All meetings will be hosted via Zoom and will be available asynchronously for those who have academic conflicts. 

Date              Time               Speaker                                                                                                                                               

2/18/2021      5:00 PM          Welcome and Program Overview

2/25/2021      5:15 PM          Peer to Peer Networking (*Experiential Activity to Follow: Coffee Dates)

3/4/2021        5:15 PM          Faculty/Staff Outreach Panel (*Experiential Activity to Follow: Outreach Challenge)

3/11/2021      5:15 PM           Networking 101 in a Virtual World (*Event Prep)

3/18/2021      6:00 PM           Virtual Professional Networking Event 

3/25/2021      5:15 PM          Program Wrap Up and Student Recognition