Office of Student Life

Buckeye Leadership Fellows Program

Bernard Banaga

Hometown: Columbus, OH

Major(s): Communications Analysis and Practice

Minor(s): French and International Studies

OSU Involvement: Bell National Resource Center; Morrill Scholars Program, NAACP

Favorite Quote: "Today is yesterday’s tomorrow.”

Bernard will pursue a job in the government, fill a job in the private sector as a policy analyst, and help change the laws that will benefit people of all kinds. The quality of policy work is extremely important to Bernard and is something he has passionately pursued.


Q&A with Bernard Banaga:

1. If personal passions and interest were a section in your resume, what would you list?

One of my personal passions in life is football. To most, football is just a sport but to me, it's a lifestyle and I aspire to have football as a part of my life. I'm also interested in becoming the CEO of my own firm, probably a consultant or an investment firm.

2. What is your favorite Ohio State involvement and/or tradition? 

My favorite Ohio State tradition has to be Ohio State vs. That School up North. Growing up in Columbus, Ohio, I always watchedthe big game on tv and  loved how everyone and their families got together to watch the game. Every dining place televised the game. Now, I actually attend the school and witness the atmosphere. Winning is such a feeling of joy.

3. What is your preferred form of artistic expression (i.e. books, music, podcast, theatre, tv, sports, etc.)? Considering this, what would you recommend that we try? 

My best form of artistic expression is lifting weights. You get to be in tune with yourself and release all the energy from your body, whether it's positive or something that has been weighing you down. I recommend you check out Last Chance U on Netflix. It is my favorite show because it shows real life hardships and determination.

4. What is the most interesting place you’ve traveled? 

The most interesting place I've ever traveled is Cameroon in West Africa. I recently visited with my family in May 2018 and it was the most beautiful place I've ever experienced from the food to the people. 

5. What would you like to accomplish within your career?

I would like to work in marketing and advertising. I plan to focus on the Fortune 500 as I work to achieve my dream of working with the NFL or NBA. I want to be a marketing director for a team franchise. I also started my own business with two friends called Scout Team, which stands for Strategic Communication Optimal Understanding of Technology. 

7. Which Fellow would you recommend Alumni follow on social media?

I would recommend that everyone follows Akilah Smith on social media. Her nickname is Kilo and you can find her on Instagram @Kil0.smith. Kilo has a one-of-a-kind personality and a passion for what she believes.