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Spring 2016 - Dawson & BHM CPA Group Generational Workplace Differences

May 23, 2016 by Austin Stewart

Fellows in our Junior Cohort completed work on their leadership challenge with the BHM Certified Public Accounting Group and Dawson recruiting agency. The students were tasked with identifying gaps in intergenerational workplace differences and delivering potential solutions to problems in diversity, recruitment, and onboarding initiatives within the firms. 

Representatives from BHM and our Fellows had the following comments regarding their experience:

  • “Working with Dawson and BHM truly embodied the program’s focus on ambiguity, which allowed our cohort to approach the challenge with our strengths. We were able to navigate the open task to generate models for social media interaction, internship programs, websites, and brand identity for both companies. Personally, I gained confidence from the challenge and was able to step into leading the Dawson team to a successful presentation."
    - Kamari Wright, Fellow
  • “This challenge offered invaluable practice on efficiently orchestrating a large group to mobilize into focused subgroups while maintaining a balance of high level vision, task management and proactive communication. Additionally, our cohort was reminded of the power of maintaining strong relationships to be successful and maintain a healthy work environment.”
    - Tyler Moore, Fellow
  • “We were blown away by their presentation and professionalism!”
    - Mr. Doug Mayr, Partner, Mayr & Associates (BHM)

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