Office of Student Life

Buckeye Leadership Fellows Program


This is a creative space updated occassionally with program news as well as short reflection posts by the Fellows. Posts will reflect on current activities and events happening in the Buckeye Leadership Fellows Program. 

  • Letter to a Mentor - Nithika Badam

    05/21/20 by Beth Johnson

    Dear Heidi,

    I hope you and your family are doing well in Arizona! As my senior year at Ohio State comes to an end, I wanted to reach out and thank you for your continued mentorship throughout my time as a student. Your support over text, through video calls, and in-person were all appreciated, and I always look forward to your insight whenever we connect!

  • Letter to a Mentor - Ezekiel Hatfield

    05/21/20 by Beth Johnson

    Dear Mom,

    Thank you.

    Thank you for the early school mornings making Ate Sam and I lunch. Thank you for sometimes letting me stay up an extra hour to play games. Thank you for always cooking Leche Flan for my sweet tooth. Thank you for burdens that you constantly endured.

  • Letter to a Mentor - Prosper Ssekayombya

    05/14/20 by Beth Johnson

    Hello Dr. B,

    I want to start off by saying thank you for being a great teacher and my friend. Chemistry was never my strong point, and not that I am a master at it now, but the way you taught it changed my viewpoint.

  • Letter to a Mentor - Rachita Puri

    05/13/20 by Beth Johnson

    Dear Karishma,

    I’ve always wanted a big sister. Instead I found a kindred spirit.

  • Letter to a Mentor - Rohan Makhijani

    05/12/20 by Beth Johnson

    Dear Neil,

    I’m going to start by telling you something you already know: I wouldn’t be where I am without you.

  • Letter to a Mentor - Roma Patel

    05/11/20 by Beth Johnson

    A letter (poem) to Mom & Dad

    You sat with me in pre-K, while I traced lines and dashes

    As I rewrote my ABC’s & 123s over and over again

    Pretending to fall asleep whenever I had “homework” from Mom

    But being wide awake when I wanted to hear a bedtime story

    Laughing at dad’s goofy characters and voices

    I learned resilience in education, appreciation for happily ever after’s, and radiance in silly laughter