Office of Student Life

Buckeye Leadership Fellows Program

Letter to a Mentor - Madolyn Desch

May 28, 2020 by Beth Johnson

Dear Dave,

As soon as I met you as a probationary member of Ohio Staters Inc., I knew the impact you had on theorganization was monumental. Three years later, I can say you have left just as much of an impact on me. These are the reasons why you make Ohio State and Staters a home:

Open to trying something new, without fear of it failing

Helping Staters through whatever means needed, whether it relates to a Stater Project or life in general

Investing your time into getting to know everyone - their passions, dreams, background

Offering your time and talents, no matter how menial

Showing up and being present in every event, project, and meeting, and including your family into our Stater family

Thinking, Believing, and Doing

Always championing our ideas and suggestions, even when others do not agree

Teaching us to enjoy life, have fun, and be yourself

Embodying all that it means to be a Buckeye, a Stater, and a mentor

Remembering the little details, whether it be a birthday, a big exam, or another achievement

Saluting our accomplishments and growth, no matter how trivial

You have pushed and challenged me to grow into the confident and driven person I am today. Thank you for investing your time in me, but also in each Stater that walks into your office for their first meeting as a probationary member. You are what makes Ohio State the best.

ITS(o glad to call you a friend)S,

Madolyn Desch