Office of Student Life

Buckeye Leadership Fellows Program

Letter to a Mentor - Jordan Benn

May 22, 2020 by Beth Johnson


Ohio State was the farthest school I applied to. I had a really odd feeling that not only was I going to get in but would also get the Morrill Scholarship. My intuition just felt really strong. This actually scared me. I told you that I was scared I’d get the full ride, end up far away from home, and struggle to make connections with people in a state that I had never been to before. I knew no one in Ohio.

You encouraged me to not let fear or comfortability dictate any decision I made because God was going to be there with me every step of the way.

The summer before my senior year, I called you one night from my apartment in New York. I was interning with what could be considered some students’ “dream company”, but I hated the work. I didn’t feel like it had real meaning or that it was connected to the creative or entrepreneurial goals I had for myself. But the company had a great reputation and the pay was great.

You told me to never act like money was my master, and that God would always provide if I worked hard enough. 

Dad, I love you so much. These are just a couple examples of how you have continuously pushed me to never settle, to never live my life in fear, to work hard, and to prioritize my relationship with God. I’m now graduating Magna Cum Laude from Ohio State, and moving to SF later this year to do work that is more closely aligned with my purpose. Most importantly, I will continue to let God lead the way and let the spirit of fear take a back seat.

I am so proud of you because these accomplishments are just as much yours as mine. 

We did it.