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This is a creative space updated occassionally with program news as well as short reflection posts by the Fellows. Posts will reflect on current activities and events happening in the Buckeye Leadership Fellows Program. 

Oh the Places they Go - Highlighting our 2016 Graduates

05/24/16 by Sarah Mangia

Our 2016 graduates are off to terrific places. Learn more about their degrees and next steps below:

Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District Hosts Leadership Challenge

03/20/14 by Sarah Mangia

The sophomore cohort is working with the Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District (SID) this semester to improve the marketing and communications of the Pearl Market with its customers. In this competitive, team-based challenge, Fellows must consult with staff at Capital Crossroads SID, Pearl Market customers, and other Columbus community members to understand the customer base and identify the best means to share updates about Pearl Market, attract new customers, and utilize a grant to bring SNAP customers to the market.