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A Word from the Wise - Tyvon Smith

April 12, 2021 by Staff

What is the best piece of advice a mentor or mentor figure has given you? How has this advice impacted your life, decisions, and/or goals?

The biggest piece of advice that a mentor has given me is to always aim for the highest that I can achieve, and to never be afraid of possibly being alone in the journey. For me personally, this piece of advice has tremendously been impactful to me as there are many endeavors and opportunities at OSU that I have partook in as being the only African American male to do so in my (prospective) graduating class. This advice stimulates my ambition and motivates me to always excel regardless of the unlikely circumstances I may encounter.

What is one of your biggest lessons learned since becoming a student at OSU? What is one piece of advice you would give incoming buckeyes?

One of the biggest lessons I have learned since becoming a Buckeye is to not be afraid of being a ‘go-getter’ with a hustler-like mentality. Advice that I would give incoming Buckeyes is to know that their time while at this university is all theirs. The possibilities for what they can achieve are endless.