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The Buckeye Leadership Fellows Program partners with campus and community leaders, university alumni and program supporters that will enhance the leadership lessons and principles developed over time within our community. BLF provides these recommendations to the university community to continue to build growth and development on your leadership journey!


The next book recommendations come from BLF Founder, BLF Advisory Board Member, and CEO of Iridium Communications Matt Desch.

"At the heart of the BLF program is that we can take students with a passion and ambition to succeed and change the world, and help them find their best personal tools and strongest leadership voices to achieve their goals and become “great people”.  With that in mind, I enjoy reading books about “great people” – those who’ve figured out how to accomplish great things, in hope of learning something about their inspirations and circumstances that could apply to me or others.”

Join us in the month of December to explore some of his most recommended reads!  

Recommended Books